42 U.S. Code § 13255. Voluntary supply commitments

The Secretary shall, by January 1, 1994, and thereafter, undertake to obtain voluntary commitments in geographically diverse regions of the United States—
from fuel suppliers to make available to the public replacement fuels, including providing for the construction or availability of related fuel delivery systems;
from owners of 10 or more motor vehicles to acquire and use alternative fueled vehicles and alternative fuels; and
from suppliers of alternative fueled vehicles to make available to the public alternative fueled vehicles and to ensure the availability of necessary related services,
in sufficient volume to achieve the goals described in section 13252(b)(2) of this title or as modified under section 13254 of this title, and in order to meet any fleet requirement program established by rule under this subchapter. The Secretary shall periodically report to the Congress on the results of efforts under this section. All voluntary commitments obtained pursuant to this section shall be available to the public, except to the extent provided in applicable provisions of law protecting the confidentiality of trade secrets and business and financial information, including section 1905 of title 18.