42 U.S. Code § 13259 - Secretary’s recommendations to Congress

(a) Recommendations to require availability or acquisitionIf the Secretary determines, under section 13257(f) of this title, that a fleet requirement program under section 13257 of this title is not necessary, the Secretary shall so notify the Congress. If the Secretary so notifies the Congress, the Secretary shall, within 2 years after such notification and by rule, prepare and submit to the Congress recommendations for requirements or incentives for—
fuel suppliers to make available to the public replacement fuels, including providing for the construction or availability of related fuel delivery systems;
suppliers of alternative fueled vehicles to make available to the public alternative fueled vehicles and to ensure the availability of necessary related services; and
motor vehicle drivers to use replacement fuels,
to the extent necessary to achieve such goals of replacement fuel use and to ensure that the availability of alternative fuels and of alternative fueled vehicles are consistent with each other.
(b) Fair and equitable application

In carrying out this section, the Secretary shall recommend the imposition of requirements proportionately on all appropriate fuel suppliers and purchasers of motor fuels and suppliers and purchasers of motor vehicles in a fair and equitable manner.