42 U.S. Code § 13315. Data system and energy technology evaluation

The Secretary of Commerce, in his or her role as a member of the interagency working group established under section 6276 of this title, shall—
develop a comprehensive data base and information dissemination system, using the National Trade Data Bank and the Commercial Information Management System of the Department of Commerce, that will provide information on the specific energy technology needs of foreign countries, and the technical and economic competitiveness of various renewable energy and energy efficiency products and technologies;
make such information available to industry, Federal and multilateral lending agencies, nongovernmental organizations, host-country and donor-agency officials, and such others as the Secretary of Commerce considers necessary; and
(3) prepare and transmit to the Congress not later than June 1, 1993, and biennially thereafter, a comprehensive report evaluating the full range of energy and environmental technologies necessary to meet the energy needs of foreign countries, including—
information on the specific energy needs of foreign countries;
an inventory of United States technologies and services to meet those needs;
an update on the status of ongoing bilateral and multilateral programs which promote United States exports of renewable energy and energy efficiency products and technologies; and
an evaluation of current programs (and recommendations for future programs) that develop and promote energy efficiency and sustainable use of indigenous renewable energy resources in foreign countries to reduce the generation of greenhouse gases.