42 U.S. Code § 13415 - Midcontinent Energy Research Center

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(a) Finding

Congress finds that petroleum resources in the midcontinent region of the United States are very large but are being prematurely abandoned.

(b) PurposesThe purposes of this section are to—
improve the efficiency of petroleum recovery;
increase ultimate petroleum recovery; and
delay the abandonment of resources.
(c) EstablishmentThe Secretary may establish the Midcontinent Energy Research Center (referred to in this section as the “Center”) to—
conduct research in petroleum geology and engineering focused on improving the recovery of petroleum from existing fields and established plays in the upper midcontinent region of the United States; and
ensure that the results of the research described in paragraph (1) are transferred to users.
(d) Research
(1) In general

In conducting research under this section, the Center shall, to the extent practicable, cooperate with agencies of the Federal Government, the States in the midcontinent region of the United States, and the affected industry.

(2) ProgramsResearch programs conducted by the Center may include—
data base development and transfer of technology;
reservoir management;
reservoir characterization;
advanced recovery methods; and
development of new technology.