42 U.S. Code § 13454 - Advanced buildings for 2005

(a) Program directionThe Secretary shall initiate a 5-year program, in accordance with sections 13541 and 13542 of this title, to increase building energy efficiency, while maintaining affordability, by the year 2005. Such program shall include activities on—
building design, design methods, and construction techniques;
building materials, including recycled materials, and components;
on-site energy supply conversion systems such as photovoltaics;
automated energy management systems;
methods of evaluating performance; and
insulation products manufactured with nonozone depleting materials.
(b) Proposals
(1) Solicitation

Within 1 year after October 24, 1992, the Secretary shall solicit proposals for conducting activities under this section.

(2) Contents of proposalsProposals submitted under this subsection shall include and be judged upon—
evidence of knowledge of current building practices in the United States and in other countries;
an explanation of how the proposal will encourage the commercialization of the technologies resulting from activities in subsection (a);
evidence of consideration of collaboration with Department of Energy national laboratories;
evidence of collaboration with relevant industry or other groups or organizations; and
a demonstration of the ability of the proposers to undertake and complete the project proposed.