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42 U.S. Code § 1383f - Annual report on program

(a) In generalNot later than May 30 of each year, the Commissioner of Social Security shall prepare and deliver a report annually to the President and the Congress regarding the program under this subchapter, including—
a comprehensive description of the program;
historical and current data on allowances and denials, including number of applications and allowance rates for initial determinations, reconsideration determinations, administrative law judge hearings, appeals council reviews, and Federal court decisions;
historical and current data on characteristics of recipients and program costs, by recipient group (aged, blind, disabled adults, and disabled children);
historical and current data on prior enrollment by recipients in public benefit programs, including State programs funded under part A of subchapter IV of this chapter and State general assistance programs;
projections of future number of recipients and program costs, through at least 25 years;
number of redeterminations and continuing disability reviews, and the outcomes of such redeterminations and reviews;
data on the utilization of work incentives;
detailed information on administrative and other program operation costs;
summaries of relevant research undertaken by the Social Security Administration, or by other researchers;
State supplementation program operations;
a historical summary of statutory changes to this subchapter; and
such other information as the Commissioner deems useful.
(b) Views of individual members of Social Security Advisory Board

Each member of the Social Security Advisory Board shall be permitted to provide an individual report, or a joint report if agreed, of views of the program under this subchapter, to be included in the annual report required under this section.

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