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42 U.S. Code § 1550 - Separability

If any provision of subchapters II to VII of this chapter, or the application thereof to any persons or circumstances, is held invalid, the remainder of said subchapters, or application of such provision to other persons or circumstances shall not be affected thereby.

(Oct. 14, 1940, ch. 862, title III, § 310, formerly § 13, 54 Stat. 1128; renumbered title III, § 310, June 28, 1941, ch. 260, § 4(b), 55 Stat. 363.)
Editorial Notes
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Subchapters III and VI of this chapter, referred to in text, were comprised of sections 1531 to 1536 and 1571 to 1576, respectively, of this title and have been omitted from the Code. For further details, see note set out under section 1522 of this title.