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42 U.S. Code § 15812 - Advanced Building Efficiency Testbed

(a) Establishment

The Secretary, in consultation with the Administrator of General Services, shall establish an Advanced Building Efficiency Testbed program for the development, testing, and demonstration of advanced engineering systems, components, and materials to enable innovations in building technologies. The program shall evaluate efficiency concepts for government and industry buildings, and demonstrate the ability of next generation buildings to support individual and organizational productivity and health (including by improving indoor air quality) as well as flexibility and technological change to improve environmental sustainability. Such program shall complement and not duplicate existing national programs.

(b) Participants

The program established under subsection (a) shall be led by a university with the ability to combine the expertise from numerous academic fields including, at a minimum, intelligent workplaces and advanced building systems and engineering, electrical and computer engineering, computer science, architecture, urban design, and environmental and mechanical engineering. Such university shall partner with other universities and entities who have established programs and the capability of advancing innovative building efficiency technologies.

(c) Authorization of appropriations

There are authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary to carry out this section $6,000,000 for each of the fiscal years 2006 through 2008, to remain available until expended. For any fiscal year in which funds are expended under this section, the Secretary shall provide one-third of the total amount to the lead university described in subsection (b), and provide the remaining two-thirds to the other participants referred to in subsection (b) on an equal basis.