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42 U.S. Code § 15971 - Integrated coal/renewable energy system

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(a) In generalSubject to the availability of appropriations, the Secretary may provide loan guarantees for a project to produce energy from coal of less than 7,000 Btu/lb. using appropriate advanced integrated gasification combined cycle technology, including repowering of existing facilities, that—
is combined with wind and other renewable sources;
minimizes and offers the potential to sequester carbon dioxide emissions; and
provides a ready source of hydrogen for near-site fuel cell demonstrations.
(b) RequirementsThe facility—
may be built in stages;
shall have a combined output of at least 200 megawatts at successively more competitive rates; and
shall be located in the Upper Great Plains.
(c) Technical criteria

Technical criteria described in section 15962(b) of this title shall apply to the facility.

(d) Investment tax credits
(1) In general

The loan guarantees provided under this section do not preclude the facility from receiving an allocation for investment tax credits under section 48A of title 26.

(2) Other funding

Use of the investment tax credit described in paragraph (1) does not prohibit the use of other clean coal program funding.