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42 U.S. Code § 16022 - Project management

(a) Departmental management
(1) In general

The Project shall be managed in the Department by the Office of Nuclear Energy, Science, and Technology.

(2) Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems program

The Secretary may combine the Project with the Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems Initiative.

(3) Existing DOE project management expertise

The Secretary may utilize capabilities for review of construction projects for advanced scientific facilities within the Office of Science to track the progress of the Project.

(b) Laboratory management
(1) Lead Laboratory

The Idaho National Laboratory shall be the lead National Laboratory for the Project and shall collaborate with other National Laboratories, institutions of higher education, other research institutes, industrial researchers, and international researchers to carry out the Project.

(2) Industrial partnerships
(A) In general

The Idaho National Laboratory shall organize a consortium of appropriate industrial partners that will carry out cost-shared research, development, design, and construction activities, and operate research facilities, on behalf of the Project.

(B) Cost-sharing

Activities of industrial partners funded by the Project shall be cost-shared in accordance with section 16352 of this title.

(C) Preference

Preference in determining the final structure of the consortium or any partnerships under this part shall be given to a structure (including designating as a lead industrial partner an entity incorporated in the United States) that retains United States technological leadership in the Project while maximizing cost sharing opportunities and minimizing Federal funding responsibilities.

(3) Prototype plant siting

The prototype nuclear reactor and associated plant shall be sited at the Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho.

(4) Reactor test capabilities

The Project shall use, if appropriate, reactor test capabilities at the Idaho National Laboratory.

(5) Other Laboratory capabilities

The Project may use, if appropriate, facilities at other National Laboratories.