42 U.S. Code § 16135 - Outreach and incentives

(a) Definition of eligible technologyIn this section, the term “eligible technology” means—
(b) Technology transfer program
(1) In generalThe Administrator shall establish a program under which the Administrator
informs stakeholders of the benefits of eligible technologies; and
develops nonfinancial incentives to promote the use of eligible technologies.
(2) Eligible stakeholdersEligible stakeholders under this section include—
equipment owners and operators;
emission and pollution control technology manufacturers;
engine and equipment manufacturers;
State and local officials responsible for air quality management;
community organizations; and
public health, educational, and environmental organizations.
(c) State implementation plans

The Administrator shall develop appropriate guidance to provide credit to a State for emission reductions in the State created by the use of eligible technologies through a State implementation plan under section 7410 of this title.

(d) International markets

The Administrator, in coordination with the Department of Commerce and industry stakeholders, shall inform foreign countries with air quality problems of the potential of technology developed or used in the United States to provide emission reductions in those countries.