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42 U.S. Code § 16235 - Renewable energy in public buildings

(a) Demonstration and technology transfer program

The Secretary shall establish a program for the demonstration of innovative technologies for solar and other renewable energy sources in buildings owned or operated by a State or local government, and for the dissemination of information resulting from such demonstration to interested parties.

(b) Limit on Federal funding

Notwithstanding section 16352 of this title, the Secretary shall provide under this section no more than 40 percent of the incremental costs of the solar or other renewable energy source project funded.

(c) RequirementsAs part of the application for awards under this section, the Secretary shall require all applicants—
to demonstrate a continuing commitment to the use of solar and other renewable energy sources in buildings they own or operate; and
to state how they expect any award to further their transition to the significant use of renewable energy.