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42 U.S. Code § 16319 - Energy and water supplies

(a) In generalThe Secretary shall carry out a program of research, development, demonstration, and commercial application to—
address energy-related issues associated with provision of adequate water supplies, optimal management, and efficient use of water;
address water-related issues associated with the provision of adequate supplies, optimal management, and efficient use of energy; and
assess the effectiveness of existing programs within the Department and other Federal agencies to address these energy and water related issues.
(b) Program elementsThe program under this section shall include—
arsenic treatment;
desalination; and
planning, analysis, and modeling of energy and water supply and demand.
(c) Collaboration

In carrying out this section, the Secretary shall consult with the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Secretary of the Interior, the Chief Engineer of the Army Corps of Engineers, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of Defense, and other Federal agencies as appropriate.

(d) Facilities

The Secretary may utilize all existing facilities within the Department and may design and construct additional facilities as needed to carry out the purposes of this program.

(e) Advisory committee

The Secretary shall establish or utilize an advisory committee to provide independent advice and review of the program.

(f) Reports

Not later than 2 years after August 8, 2005, the Secretary shall submit to Congress a report on the assessment described in subsection (b) and recommendations for future actions.