42 U.S. Code § 16431. Federal utility participation in transmission organizations

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(a) DefinitionsIn this section:
(1) Appropriate Federal regulatory authorityThe term “appropriate Federal regulatory authority means—
in the case of the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority.
(2) Federal power marketing agency

The term “Federal power marketing agency” has the meaning given the term in section 796 of title 16.

(3) Federal utilityThe term “Federal utility means—
the Tennessee Valley Authority.
(4) Transmission Organization

The term “Transmission Organization” has the meaning given the term in section 796 of title 16.

(5) Transmission system

The term “transmission system means an electric transmission facility owned, leased, or contracted for by the United States and operated by a Federal utility.

(b) Transfer

The appropriate Federal regulatory authority may enter into a contract, agreement, or other arrangement transferring control and use of all or part of the transmission system of a Federal utility to a Transmission Organization.

(c) ContentsThe contract, agreement, or arrangement shall include—
(1) performance standards for operation and use of the transmission system that the head of the Federal utility determines are necessary or appropriate, including standards that ensure—
recovery of all of the costs and expenses of the Federal utility related to the transmission facilities that are the subject of the contract, agreement, or other arrangement;
consistency with existing contracts and third-party financing arrangements; and
consistency with the statutory authorities, obligations, and limitations of the Federal utility;
provisions for monitoring and oversight by the Federal utility of the Transmission Organization’s terms and conditions of the contract, agreement, or other arrangement, including a provision for the resolution of disputes through arbitration or other means with the Transmission Organization or with other participants, notwithstanding the obligations and limitations of any other law regarding arbitration; and
a provision that allows the Federal utility to withdraw from the Transmission Organization and terminate the contract, agreement, or other arrangement in accordance with its terms.
(d) CommissionNeither this section, actions taken pursuant to this section, nor any other transaction of a Federal utility participating in a Transmission Organization shall confer on the Commission jurisdiction or authority over—
the electric generation assets, electric capacity, or energy of the Federal utility that the Federal utility is authorized by law to market; or
the power sales activities of the Federal utility.
(e) Existing statutory and other obligations
(1) System operation requirements

No statutory provision requiring or authorizing a Federal utility to transmit electric power or to construct, operate, or maintain the transmission system of the Federal utility prohibits a transfer of control and use of the transmission system pursuant to, and subject to, the requirements of this section.

(2) Other obligationsThis subsection does not—
suspend, or exempt any Federal utility from, any provision of Federal law in effect on August 8, 2005, including any requirement or direction relating to the use of the transmission system of the Federal utility, environmental protection, fish and wildlife protection, flood control, navigation, water delivery, or recreation; or
authorize abrogation of any contract or treaty obligation.

Section is comprised of section 1232 of Pub. L. 109–58. Subsec. (e)(3) of section 1232 of Pub. L. 109–58 repealed section 824n of Title 16, Conservation.