42 U.S. Code § 17051 - Renewable fuel dispenser requirements

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(a) Market penetration reports

The Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of Transportation, shall determine and report to Congress annually on the market penetration for flexible-fuel vehicles in use within geographic regions to be established by the Secretary.

(b) Dispenser feasibility studyNot later than 24 months after December 19, 2007, the Secretary, in consultation with the Department of Transportation, shall report to the Congress on the feasibility of requiring motor fuel retailers to install E–85 compatible dispensers and related systems at retail fuel facilities in regions where flexible-fuel vehicle market penetration has reached 15 percent of motor vehicles. In conducting such study, the Secretary shall consider and report on the following factors:
The commercial availability of E–85 fuel and the number of competing E–85 wholesale suppliers in a given region.
The level of financial assistance provided on an annual basis by the Federal Government, State governments, and nonprofit entities for the installation of E–85 compatible infrastructure.
The number of retailers whose retail locations are unable to support more than 2 underground storage tank dispensers.
The expense incurred by retailers in the installation and sale of E–85 compatible dispensers and related systems and any potential effects on the price of motor vehicle fuel.
Effective Date

Section effective on the date that is 1 day after Dec. 19, 2007, see section 1601 of Pub. L. 110–140, set out as a note under section 1824 of Title 2, The Congress.