42 U.S. Code § 17157 - Review and evaluation

(a) In general

The Secretary may review and evaluate the performance of any eligible entity that receives a grant under the program, including by conducting an audit, as the Secretary determines to be appropriate.

(b) Withholding of fundsThe Secretary may withhold from an eligible entity any portion of a grant to be provided to the eligible entity under the program if the Secretary determines that the eligible entity has failed to achieve compliance with—
any applicable guideline or regulation of the Secretary relating to the program, including the misuse or misappropriation of funds provided under the program; or
the energy efficiency and conservation strategy of the eligible entity.
Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date

Section effective on the date that is 1 day after Dec. 19, 2007, see section 1601 of Pub. L. 110–140, set out as a note under section 1824 of Title 2, The Congress.

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