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42 U.S. Code § 18324 - Utilization of existing workforce and assets in development of Space Launch System and multi-purpose crew vehicle

(a) In generalIn developing the Space Launch System pursuant to section 18322 of this title and the multi-purpose crew vehicle pursuant to section 18323 of this title, the Administrator shall, to the extent practicable utilize—
(1) existing contracts, investments, workforce, industrial base, and capabilities from the Space Shuttle and Orion and Ares 1 projects, including—
space-suit development activities for application to, and coordinated development of, a multi-purpose crew vehicle suit and associated life-support requirements with potential development of standard NASA-certified suit and life support systems for use in alternative commercially-developed crew transportation systems; and
Space Shuttle-derived components and Ares 1 components that use existing United States propulsion systems, including liquid fuel engines, external tank or tank-related capability, and solid rocket motor engines; and
associated testing facilities, either in being or under construction as of October 11, 2010.
(b) Discharge of requirementsIn meeting the requirements of subsection (a), the Administrator
shall, to the extent practicable, utilize ground-based manufacturing capability, ground testing activities, launch and operations infrastructure, and workforce expertise;
shall, to the extent practicable, minimize the modification and development of ground infrastructure and maximize the utilization of existing software, vehicle, and mission operations processes;
shall complete construction and activation of the A–3 test stand with a completion goal of September 30, 2013;
may procure, develop, and flight test applicable components; and
shall take appropriate actions to ensure timely and cost-effective development of the Space Launch System and the multi-purpose crew vehicle, including the use of a procurement approach that incorporates adequate and effective oversight, the facilitation of contractor efficiencies, and the stream-lining of contract and procurement requirements.