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42 U.S. Code § 18352 - Maximum utilization of the International Space Station

(a) In general

With assembly of the ISS complete, NASA shall take steps to maximize the productivity and use of the ISS with respect to scientific and technological research and development, advancement of space exploration, and international collaboration.

(b) NASA actionsIn carrying out subsection (a), NASA shall, at a minimum, undertake the following:
(1) Innovative use of U.S. segment

The United States segment of the ISS, which has been designated as a National Laboratory, shall be developed, managed and utilized in a manner that enables the effective and innovative use of such facility, as provided in section 18354 of this title.

(2) International cooperation

The ISS shall continue to be utilized as a key component of international efforts to build missions and capabilities that further the development of a human presence beyond near-Earth space and advance United States security and economic goals. The Administrator shall actively seek ways to encourage and enable the use of ISS capabilities to support these efforts.

(3) Domestic collaboration

The operations, management, and utilization of the ISS shall be conducted in a manner that provides opportunities for collaboration with other research programs and objectives of the United States Government in cooperation with commercial suppliers, users, and developers.