42 U.S. Code § 18611. Sense of Congress on accelerating energy innovation

It is the sense of Congress that—
although important progress has been made in cost reduction and deployment of clean energy technologies, accelerating clean energy innovation will help meet critical competitiveness, energy security, and environmental goals;
(2) accelerating the pace of clean energy innovation in the United States calls for—
supporting existing research and development programs at the Department and the world-class National Laboratories;
exploring and developing new pathways for innovators, investors, and decision-makers to leverage the resources of the Department for addressing the challenges and comparative strengths of geographic regions; and
recognizing the financial constraints of the Department, regularly reviewing clean energy programs to ensure that taxpayer investments are maximized;
the energy supply, demand, policies, markets, and resource options of the United States vary by geographic region;
a regional approach to innovation can bridge the gaps between local talent, institutions, and industries to identify opportunities and convert United States investment into domestic companies; and
(5) Congress, the Secretary, and energy industry participants should advance efforts that promote international, domestic, and regional cooperation on the research and development of energy innovations that—
provide clean, affordable, and reliable energy for everyone;
promote economic growth;
are critical for energy security; and
are sustainable without government support.