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42 U.S. Code § 19060 - Risk and resilience research

The Director shall make awards on a competitive basis to institutions of higher education or non-profit organizations (or consortia of such institutions or organizations) to advance knowledge of risk assessment and predictability and to support the creation of tools and technologies, including advancing data analytics and utilization of artificial intelligence, for increased resilience through—
improvements in our ability to understand, model, and predict extreme events and natural hazards;
the creation of novel engineered systems solutions for resilient complex infrastructures, particularly those that address critical interdependence among infrastructures and leverage the growing infusion of cyber-physical-social components into the infrastructures;
development of equipment and instrumentation for innovation in resilient engineered infrastructures;
multidisciplinary research on the behaviors individuals and communities engage in to detect, perceive, understand, predict, assess, mitigate, and prevent risks and to improve and increase resilience; and
advancements in multidisciplinary wildfire science, including those related to air quality impacts, human behavior, and early detection and warning.