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42 U.S. Code § 19151 - Federal research agency policies for caregivers

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(a) OSTP guidanceNot later than 12 months after August 9, 2022, the Director, in consultation with the heads of relevant agencies, shall provide guidance to each Federal research agency to establish policies that—
(1) apply to all—
research awards granted by such agency; and
principal investigators of such research and their trainees, including postdoctoral researchers and graduate students, who have caregiving responsibilities, including care for a newborn or newly adopted child and care for an immediate family member who has a disability or a serious health condition; and
(2) provide, to the extent feasible—
flexibility in timing for the initiation of approved research awards granted by such agency;
no-cost extensions of such research awards;
award supplements, as appropriate, to research awards to sustain research activities conducted under such awards; and
any other appropriate accommodations at the discretion of the director of each such agency.
(b) Uniformity of guidance

In providing guidance under subsection (a), the Director shall encourage uniformity, to the extent practicable, and consistency in the policies established pursuant to such guidance across all Federal research agencies.

(c) Establishment of policiesConsistent, to the extent practicable, with the guidance under subsection (a), Federal research agencies shall—
maintain or develop and implement policies for individuals described in paragraph (1)(B) of such subsection; and
broadly disseminate in easily accessible formats such policies to current and potential award recipients.
(d) Data on usageFederal research agencies shall consider—
collecting data, including demographic data that can be disaggregated by sex, geographic location, and socioeconomic indicators, which may include employment status, occupation, educational attainment, parental education, and income, on the usage of the policies under subsection (c), at both institutions of higher education and Federal laboratories; and
reporting such data on an annual basis to the Director in such form as required by the Director.