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42 U.S. Code § 19155 - Cultural and institutional barriers to expanding the academic and Federal STEM workforce

(a) Best practices
(1) Development of guidanceNot later than 12 months after August 9, 2022, the Director, in consultation with the interagency working group on inclusion in STEM and utilizing existing guidance already developed by Federal research agencies where applicable, shall broadly disseminate to entities that receive Federal research funding best practices for—
conducting periodic climate surveys of STEM departments and divisions, with a particular focus on identifying and addressing any cultural or institutional barriers to the recruitment, retention, or advancement of groups historically underrepresented in STEM studies and careers; and
providing educational opportunities, including workshops, for STEM professionals to learn about current research on effective practices for unbiased recruitment, evaluation, and promotion of undergraduate and graduate students and research personnel.
(2) Establishment of policiesConsistent with the guidance developed under paragraph (1)—
(A) The Director of the National Science Foundation, in consultation with the heads of Federal research agencies, shall develop a policy that—
applies to, at a minimum, doctoral degree granting institutions that receive Federal research funding; and
requires each such institution, not later than 3 years after August 9, 2022, and to the extent practicable, to report to the Director of the National Science Foundation on activities and policies developed and implemented based on the guidance disseminated under paragraph (1); and
each Federal research agency with a Federal laboratory shall maintain or develop and implement practices and policies for the purposes described in paragraph (1) for such laboratory and, not later than three years after August 9, 2022, each Federal laboratory shall report to the head of such agency on such practices and policies.
(b) Report to Congress

Not later than four years after August 9, 2022, the Director of the National Science Foundation shall submit a report to Congress that includes a summary and analysis of the types and frequency of activities and policies developed and carried out under subsection (a) based on the reports submitted under paragraph (2) of such subsection.