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42 U.S. Code § 19311 - Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Program

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(a) In general

The Secretary shall competitively award grants to National Laboratories for the purpose of establishing or supporting Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Programs.

(b) Purposes

The purposes of such programs are to provide entrepreneurial fellows with access to National Laboratory research facilities, National Laboratory expertise, and mentorship to perform research and development and gain expertise that may be required or beneficial for the commercial application of research ideas.

(c) Entrepreneurial fellowsAn entrepreneurial fellow participating in a program described in subsection (a) shall be provided with—
opportunities for entrepreneurial training, professional development, and exposure to leaders from academia, industry, government, and finance who may serve as advisors to or partners of the fellow;
financial and technical support for research, development, and commercial application activities;
fellowship awards to cover costs of living, health insurance, and travel stipends for the duration of the fellowship; and
any other resources determined appropriate by the Secretary.
(d) Program activitiesEach National Laboratory that receives funding under this section shall support entrepreneurial fellows by providing—
access to facilities and expertise within the National Laboratory;
engagement with external stakeholders; and
market and customer development opportunities.
(e) Administration

National Laboratories that receive grants under this section shall prioritize the support and success of the entrepreneurial fellow with regards to professional development and development of a relevant technology.

(f) PartnershipsIn carrying out a Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Program, a National Laboratory may partner with an external entity, including—
a nonprofit organization;
a federally-owned corporation; or
a consortium of 2 or more entities described in paragraphs (1) through (3).
(g) Metrics

The Secretary shall support the development of short-term and long-term metrics to assess the effectiveness of programs receiving a grant under subsection (a) in achieving the purposes of the program in subsection (a).

(h) Evaluation

In accordance with section 16391a of this title, the Secretary shall submit to the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources of the Senate an evaluation of the effectiveness of the programs under subsection (a) based on the metrics developed pursuant to subsection (g).

(i) Coordination

The Secretary shall oversee the planning and coordination of grants under subsection (a) and shall identify and disseminate best practices for achieving the purposes of subsection (a) to National Laboratories that receive grants under this section.

(j) Interagency collaboration

The Secretary shall collaborate with other executive branch agencies, including the Department of Defense and other agencies with Federal laboratories, regarding opportunities to partner with National Laboratories receiving a grant under subsection (a).

(k) Authorization of appropriations

There are authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary to carry out the activities authorized in this section $25,000,000 for each of fiscal years 2023 through 2027.