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42 U.S. Code § 1962b–2 - Organization of commissions

(a) Commencement of functions; transfer of property, assets, and records upon termination of commission; availability of studies, data, and other materials to participants

Each river basin commission shall organize for the performance of its functions within ninety days after the President shall have declared the establishment of such commission, subject to the availability of funds for carrying on its work. A commission shall terminate upon decision of the Council or agreement of a majority of the States composing the commission. Upon such termination, all property, assets, and records of the commission shall thereafter be turned over to such agencies of the United States and the participating States as shall be appropriate in the circumstances: Provided, That studies, data, and other materials useful in water and related land resources planning to any of the participants shall be kept freely available to all such participants.

(b) Vice chairman; State election; State representation

State members of each commission shall elect a vice chairman, who shall serve also as chairman and coordinating officer of the State members of the commission and who shall represent the State governments in Federal-State relations on the commission.

(c) Vacancies; alternates for chairman and vice chairman

Vacancies in a commission shall not affect its powers but shall be filled in the same manner in which the original appointments were made: Provided, That the chairman and vice chairman may designate alternates to act for them during temporary absences.

(d) Consensus of members on issues; opportunities for individual views; record of position of chairman and vice chairman; final authority on procedural questions

In the work of the commission every reasonable endeavor shall be made to arrive at a consensus of all members on all issues; but failing this, full opportunity shall be afforded each member for the presentation and report of individual views: Provided, That at any time the commission fails to act by reason of absence of consensus, the position of the chairman, acting in behalf of the Federal members, and the vice chairman, acting upon instructions of the State members, shall be set forth in the record: Provided further, That the chairman, in consultation with the vice chairman, shall have the final authority, in the absence of an applicable by-law adopted by the commission or in the absence of a consensus, to fix the times and places for meetings, to set deadlines for the submission of annual and other reports, to establish subcommittees, and to decide such other procedural questions as may be necessary for the commission to perform its functions.