42 U.S. Code § 2021g - Responsibilities of Department of Energy

(a) Financial and technical assistanceThe Secretary shall, to the extent provided in appropriations Act, provide to those compact regions, host States, and nonmember States detemined [1] by the Secretary to require assistance for purposes of carrying out sections 2021b to 2021j of this title—
continuing technical assistance to assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities under sections 2021b to 2021j of this title. Such technical assistance shall include, but not be limited to, technical guidelines for site selection, alternative technologies for low-level radioactive waste disposal, volume reduction options, management techniques to reduce low-level waste generation, transportation practices for shipment of low-level wastes, health and safety considerations in the storage, shipment and disposal of low-level radioactive wastes, and establishment of a computerized data-base to monitor the management of low-level radioactive wastes; and
through the end of fiscal year 1993, financial assistance to assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities under sections 2021b to 2021j of this title.
(b) Omitted

[1]  So in original. Probably should be “determined”.

Subsec. (b) of this section, which required the Secretary to prepare and submit to Congress on an annual basis a report on low-level waste disposal, terminated, effective May 15, 2000, pursuant to section 3003 of Pub. L. 104–66, as amended, set out as a note under section 1113 of Title 31, Money and Finance. See, also, item 2 on page 84 of House Document No. 103–7.

Section was enacted as part of the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act, and not as part of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 which comprises this chapter.

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