42 U.S. Code § 2063. Acquisition of production facilities

The Commission is authorized to purchase any interest in facilities for the production of special nuclear materials, or in real property on which such facilities are located, without regard to the provisions of section 6101 of title 41 upon certification by the Commission that such action is necessary in the interest of the common defense and security, or upon a showing by the Commission that advertising is not reasonably practicable. Partial and advance payments may be made under contracts for such purposes. The Commission is further authorized to requisition, condemn, or otherwise acquire any interest in such production facilities, or to condemn or otherwise acquire such real property, and just compensation shall be made therefor.

(Aug. 1, 1946, ch. 724, title I, § 43, as added Aug. 30, 1954, ch. 1073, § 1, 68 Stat. 929; renumbered title I, Pub. L. 102–486, title IX, § 902(a)(8), Oct. 24, 1992, 106 Stat. 2944.)

In text, “section 6101 of title 41” substituted for “section 3709 of the Revised Statutes, as amended” on authority of Pub. L. 111–350, § 6(c), Jan. 4, 2011, 124 Stat. 3854, which Act enacted Title 41, Public Contracts.

Prior Provisions

Provisions similar to those comprising this section were contained in section 5 of act Aug. 1, 1946, ch. 724, 60 Stat. 760, which was classified to section 1805 of this title, prior to the general amendment and renumbering of act Aug. 1, 1946, by act Aug. 30, 1954.