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42 U.S. Code § 256g–1 - Demonstration program to increase access to dental health care services

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(a) In general
(1) Authorization

The Secretary is authorized to award grants to 15 eligible entities to enable such entities to establish a demonstration program to establish training programs to train, or to employ, alternative dental health care providers in order to increase access to dental health care services in rural and other underserved communities.

(2) Definition

The term “alternative dental health care providers” includes community dental health coordinators, advance practice dental hygienists, independent dental hygienists, supervised dental hygienists, primary care physicians, dental therapists, dental health aides, and any other health professional that the Secretary determines appropriate.

(b) Timeframe

The demonstration projects funded under this section shall begin not later than 2 years after March 23, 2010, and shall conclude not later than 7 years after March 23, 2010.

(c) Eligible entitiesTo be eligible to receive a grant under subsection (a), an entity shall—
(1) be—
an institution of higher education, including a community college;
a public-private partnership;
a federally qualified health center;
an Indian Health Service facility or a tribe or tribal organization (as such terms are defined in section 5304 of title 25);
a State or county public health clinic, a health facility operated by an Indian tribe or tribal organization, or urban Indian organization providing dental services; or
a public hospital or health system;
be within a program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation or within a dental education program in an accredited institution; and
shall submit an application to the Secretary at such time, in such manner, and containing such information as the Secretary may require.
(d) Administrative provisions
(1) Amount of grant

Each grant under this section shall be in an amount that is not less than $4,000,000 for the 5-year period during which the demonstration project [1] being conducted.

(2) Disbursement of funds
(A) Preliminary disbursements

Beginning 1 year after March 23, 2010, the Secretary may disperse to any entity receiving a grant under this section not more than 20 percent of the total funding awarded to such entity under such grant, for the purpose of enabling the entity to plan the demonstration project to be conducted under such grant.

(B) Subsequent disbursements

The remaining amount of grant funds not dispersed under subparagraph (A) shall be dispersed such that not less than 15 percent of such remaining amount is dispersed each subsequent year.

(e) Compliance with State requirements

Each entity receiving a grant under this section shall certify that it is in compliance with all applicable State licensing requirements.

(f) Evaluation

The Secretary shall contract with the Director of the Institute of Medicine to conduct a study of the demonstration programs conducted under this section that shall provide analysis, based upon quantitative and qualitative data, regarding access to dental health care in the United States.

(g) Clarification regarding dental health aide program

Nothing in this section shall prohibit a dental health aide training program approved by the Indian Health Service from being eligible for a grant under this section.

(h) Authorization of appropriations

There is authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary to carry out this section.

(July 1, 1944, ch. 373, title III, § 340G–1, as added Pub. L. 111–148, title V, § 5304, Mar. 23, 2010, 124 Stat. 621.)