42 U.S. Code § 284o - Activities of the National Institutes of Health with respect to research on paralysis

(a) Coordination

The Director of the National Institutes of Health (referred to in this section and sections 280g–9 and 284p of this title as the “Director”), pursuant to the general authority of the Director, may develop mechanisms to coordinate the paralysis research and rehabilitation activities of the Institutes and Centers of the National Institutes of Health in order to further advance such activities and avoid duplication of activities.

(b) Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Research Consortia
(1) In general

The Director may make awards of grants to public or private entities to pay all or part of the cost of planning, establishing, improving, and providing basic operating support for consortia in paralysis research. The Director shall designate each consortium funded through such grants as a Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Research Consortium.

(2) ResearchEach consortium under paragraph (1)—
may conduct basic, translational, and clinical paralysis research;
may focus on advancing treatments and developing therapies in paralysis research;
may focus on one or more forms of paralysis that result from central nervous system trauma or stroke;
may facilitate and enhance the dissemination of clinical and scientific findings; and
may replicate the findings of consortia members or other researchers for scientific and translational purposes.
(3) Coordination of consortia; reports

The Director may, as appropriate, provide for the coordination of information among consortia under paragraph (1) and ensure regular communication among members of the consortia, and may require the periodic preparation of reports on the activities of the consortia and the submission of the reports to the Director.

(4) Organization of consortia

Each consortium under paragraph (1) may use the facilities of a single lead institution, or be formed from several cooperating institutions, meeting such requirements as may be prescribed by the Director.

(c) Public input

The Director may provide for a mechanism to educate and disseminate information on the existing and planned programs and research activities of the National Institutes of Health with respect to paralysis and through which the Director can receive comments from the public regarding such programs and activities.

Editorial Notes

Section was enacted as part of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act, and also as part of the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009, and not as part of the Public Health Service Act which comprises this chapter.

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