U.S. Code § 3030c–1. Rights relating to in-home services for frail older individuals

The Assistant Secretary shall require entities that provide in-home services under this subchapter to promote the rights of each older individual who receives such services. Such rights include the following:
(1) The right—
to be fully informed in advance about each in-homeservice provided by such entity under this subchapter and about any change in such service that may affect the well-being of such individual; and
to participate in planning and changing an in-homeservice provided under this subchapter by such entity unless such individual is judicially adjudged incompetent.
The right to voice a grievance with respect to such service that is or fails to be so provided, without discrimination or reprisal as a result of voicing such grievance.
The right to confidentiality of records relating to such individual.
The right to have the property of such individual treated with respect.
The right to be fully informed (orally and in writing), in advance of receiving an in-homeservice under this subchapter, of such individual’s rights and obligations under this subchapter.

1993—Pub. L. 103–171 struck out “(a)Promotion.—” before “The Assistant” and substituted “Assistant Secretary” for “Commissioner”.