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42 U.S. Code § 5027 - Multiyear grants or contracts

(a) Maximum period; compliance requirements where period exceeds 1 year; pro rata reductions where funding below prior fiscal year amounts
(1) Subject to paragraph (2) and the availability of funds, the Director may make a grant or enter into a contract under part A, B, or C for a period not to exceed 3 years. Each applicant who receives a grant, or enters into a contract, under such part for a period exceeding 1 year shall comply with such regulations as the Director may issue to require such applicant—
to demonstrate that such applicant is in compliance with such part and with the terms and conditions of such grant or contract; and
to provide information to update the application submitted to obtain such grant or contract.
If the amount appropriated for any fiscal year to carry out part A, B, or C in a period during which multiyear grants or contracts are in effect under such part is less than the amount appropriated to carry out such part in the first fiscal year in such period, then the amounts payable under all such grants and contracts in effect in such period under such part shall be reduced pro rata.
(b) Documentation, etc., by applicant of meaningful administrative savings from multiyear grant or contract

The Director shall require each applicant for a multiyear grant or contract under this section, to document or describe in the application any meaningful administrative savings that will result from such multiyear grant or contract.

(c) Single-year grant or contract

If an applicant does not receive a multiyear grant or contract under this section, the Director shall consider such applicant for a single-year grant or contract.

(d) Projects for multiyear periods to be treated as single-year projects for specified purposesIf the Director approves an application for a contract or grant to carry out a project for a multiyear period as referred to in subsection (a), the Director shall ensure that such project shall be treated in the same manner as a single-year contract or grant with respect to—
the overall level of funding for such project;
any adjustments to Federal financial assistance that may be available under section 5026 of this title; and
the renewal of funding on the expiration of the term of such contract or grant.