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42 U.S. Code § 6633 - Federal science, engineering, and technology survey; reports

(a) The Committee shall survey, examine, and analyze the overall context of the Federal science, engineering, and technology effort including missions, goals, personnel, funding, organization, facilities, and activities in general, taking adequate account of the interests of individuals and groups that may be affected by Federal scientific, engineering, and technical programs, including, as appropriate, consultation with such individuals and groups. In carrying out its functions under this section, the Committee shall, among other things, consider needs for—
organizational reform, including institutional realinement designed to place Federal agencies whose missions are primarily or solely devoted to scientific and technological research and development, and those agencies primarily or solely concerned with fuels, energy, and materials, within a single cabinet-level department;
improvements in existing systems for handling scientific and technical information on a Government-wide basis, including consideration of the appropriate role to be played by the private sector in the dissemination of such information;
improved technology assessment in the executive branch of the Federal Government;
improved methods for effecting technology innovation, transfer, and use;
stimulating more effective Federal-State and Federal-industry liaison and cooperation in science and technology, including the formation of Federal-State mechanisms for the mutual pursuit of this goal;
reduction and simplification of Federal regulations and administrative practices and procedures which may have the effect of retarding technological innovation or opportunities for its utilization;
a broader base for support of basic research;
ways of strengthening the Nation’s academic institutions’ capabilities for research and education in science and technology;
ways and means of effectively integrating scientific and technological factors into our national and international policies;
technology designed to meet community and individual needs;
maintenance of adequate scientific and technological manpower with regard to both quality and quantity;
improved systems for planning and analysis of the Federal science and technology programs; and
long-range study, analysis, and planning in regard to the application of science and technology to major national problems or concerns.
Within twelve months from the time the Committee is activated in accordance with section 6632(a) of this title, the Committee shall issue an interim report of its activities and operations to date. Not more than twenty-four months from the time the Committee is activated, the Committee shall submit a final report of its activities, findings, conclusions, and recommendations, including such supporting data and material as may be necessary, to the President.
The President, within sixty days of receipt thereof, shall transmit each such report to each House of Congress together with such comments, observations, and recommendations thereon as he deems appropriate.
Executive Documents
Abolition of President’s Committee on Science and Technology; Transfer of Functions

See note set out under section 6631 of this title.