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42 U.S. Code § 8006 - Application procedure for assistance

(a) Matters included in applicationAn application for assistance under this chapter shall include—
a plan specifying the types and priorities of the basic services the public housing agency or nonprofit corporation proposes to provide during the term of the contract; such plan must be related to the needs and characteristics of the eligible project residents and, to the maximum extent practicable, provide for the changing needs and characteristics of all project residents; such plan shall be determined after consultation with eligible project residents and with the professional assessment committee;
a list of names and professional qualifications of the members of the professional assessment committee;
the fee schedule established pursuant to section 8004(h) of this title;
any comment received in connection with any review of a proposed application pursuant to section 8004(d) or 8004(e)(2) of this title; and
a statement affirming (A) that the nonprofit corporation or public housing agency has followed the consultation procedures required in subsections (c), (d), and (e) of section 8004 of this title, and (B) that such application complies with subsection (b) of such section.
(b) Deadlines for submission of application

The Secretary shall establish appropriate deadlines for each fiscal year for the submission of applications for funding under this chapter and shall notify any public housing agency and nonprofit corporation applying for assistance under this chapter of acceptance or rejection of its application within ninety days of such submission.

(c) Review of performance of services program prior to submission of application for renewed funding

Within twelve months prior to the submission of an application for renewed funding under this chapter, each nonprofit corporation and public housing agency shall review the performance, appropriateness, and fee schedules of their congregate services program with eligible project residents and with the professional assessment committee. The results of such review shall be included in any application for renewal and shall be considered in the development of the application for renewal by the nonprofit corporation or public housing agency and in its evaluation by the Secretary.