42 U.S. Code § 8144 - Grants to or contracts with organizations

(a) Authorization; purposesThe Secretary is authorized to make grants to, or enter into contracts with, nonprofit organizations for the purpose of enabling such organizations to undertake or support in cities, urban communities, or neighborhoods, projects which the Secretary, in consultation with the Chairman, determines will carry out the purposes of this subchapter and which—
have substantial artistic, cultural, historical, or design merit,
represent community or neighborhood initiatives which have a significant potential for conserving or revitalizing communities or neighborhoods, and for enhancing community or neighborhood identity and pride, and
meet the criteria established jointly by the Secretary and the Chairman pursuant to this section.
(b) Establishment of criteria and procedures for evaluation and selection of projects; scope of criteriaThe Secretary and the Chairman shall establish jointly criteria and procedures for evaluating and selecting projects to be assisted under this subchapter. Such criteria shall address, but need not be limited to—
artistic, cultural, historical, or design quality;
the degree of broadly based, active involvement of neighborhood residents, community groups, local officials, and persons with expertise in the arts with the proposed proj­ect;
the degree of or the potential for utilization or stimulation of assistance or cooperation from other Federal, State, and local public and private sources, including arts organizations;
the feasibility of project implementation, including the capability of the sponsor organization;
the potential contribution to neighborhood revitalization and the creation of a sense of community identity and pride;
the potential for stimulating neighborhood economic and community development, particularly for the benefit of persons of low and moderate income; and
the potential of utilization of the project by neighborhood residents, particularly residents of low and moderate income, senior citizens, and handicapped persons.
(c) Application requirements

No assistance shall be made under this subchapter except upon application therefor submitted to the Secretary in accordance with regulations and procedures established jointly by the Secretary and the Chairman.

(d) Consultation requirements

Prior to the approval of any application for assistance under this subchapter, the Secretary shall consult with the Chairman and, in accordance with regulations and procedures established jointly by the Secretary and the Chairman, seek the recommendations of State and local officials and private citizens who have broad knowledge of, or experience or expertise in, community and economic development and revitalization, and of such officials and citizens who have broad knowledge of, or expertise in, the arts.

(e) Regulations respecting matching requirements; waiver, etc.

The Secretary, in cooperation with the Chairman, shall prescribe regulations which require that specific portions of the cost of any projects assisted under this subchapter shall be provided from sources other than funds made available under this subchapter. Such matching requirements may vary depending on the type of applicant, and the Secretary may reduce or waive such requirements solely in order to take account of the financial capacity of the applicant.

(f) Certification of application

Grants and other assistance may be made available under this subchapter only if the application contains a certification by the unit of general local government in which the project will be located that the project is consistent with and supportive of the objectives of that government for the area in which the project is located.

(g) Available funds not to supplant other public or private funds

Funds made available under this subchapter shall not be used to supplant other public or private funds.

(h) Availability of funds for administrative expenses

No more than 10 per centum of the funds appropriated for any fiscal year under section 8146 of this title shall be available for administrative expenses.