42 U.S. Code § 8262b - Intergovernmental energy management planning and coordination

(a) Conference workshops

The Administrator of General Services, in consultation with the Secretary and the Task Force, shall hold regular, biennial conference workshops in each of the 10 standard Federal regions on energy management, conservation, efficiency, and planning strategy. The Administrator shall work and consult with the Department of Energy and other Federal agencies to plan for particular regional conferences. The Administrator shall invite Department of Energy, State, local, tribal, and county public officials who have responsibilities for energy management or may have an interest in such conferences and shall seek the input of, and be responsive to, the views of such officials in the planning and organization of such workshops.

(b) Focus of workshopsSuch workshops and conferences shall focus on the following (but may include other topics):
Developing strategies among Federal, State, tribal, and local governments to coordinate energy management policies and to maximize available intergovernmental energy management resources within the region regarding the use of governmental facilities and buildings.
The design, construction, maintenance, and retrofitting of governmental facilities to incorporate energy efficient techniques.
Procurement and use of energy efficient products.
Dissemination of energy information on innovative programs, technologies, and methods which have proven successful in government.
Technical assistance to design and incorporate effective energy management strategies.
(c) Establishment of workshop timetable

As a part of the first report to be submitted pursuant to section 8262a of this title, the Administrator shall set forth the schedule for the regional energy management workshops to be conducted under this section. Not less than five such workshops shall be held by September 30, 1993, and at least one such workshop shall be held in each of the 10 Federal regions every two years beginning on September 30, 1993.


Section was enacted as part of the Energy Policy Act of 1992, and not as part of the National Energy Conservation Policy Act which comprises this chapter.