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42 U.S. Code § 8286a - Use of factors and data

Factors and data consented to pursuant to section 8286 of this title may be revised and agreed to by a consensus of the heads of the various Federal agencies involved. Such factors and data shall be used by all Federal agencies in establishing and revising various energy conservation standards used by such agencies, except that other factors and data may be used with respect to the standards applicable to any program if—
the other factors and data are approved by the Secretary of Energy solely on the basis that such other factors and data are critical to meet the unique needs of the program concerned;
using the consented to factors and data would cause a violation of an express provision of law; or
statutory requirements or responsibilities require a modification of the consented to factors and data.
Editorial Notes

Section was enacted as part of the Energy Security Act, and not as part of the National Energy Conservation Policy Act which comprises this chapter.