SUBCHAPTER I—DECLARATION OF OBJECTIVES AND DEFINITIONS Sec. 3001. Congressional declaration of objectives. 3002. Definitions. 3003. Congressional declaration of additional objectives. SUBCHAPTER II—ADMINISTRATION ON AGING 3011. Establishment of Administration on Aging. 3012. Functions of Assistant Secretary. 3013. Federal agency cooperation. 3013a. Consultation with State agencies, area agencies on aging, and Native American grant recipients. 3014. Repealed. 3015. Gifts and donations. 3016. Authority of Assistant Secretary. 3017. Evaluation of programs. 3018. Reports to Congress. 3019. Joint funding of projects. 3020. Advance funding. 3020a. Application of other laws; costs of projects under this chapter not treated as income or benefits under other laws. 3020b. Reduction of paperwork. 3020c. Contracting and grant authority; private pay relationships; appropriate use of funds. 3020d. Surplus property eligibility. 3020e. Nutrition education. 3020e–1. Pension counseling and information programs. 3020f. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER III—GRANTS FOR STATE AND COMMUNITY PROGRAMS ON AGING
Part A—General Provisions

3021. Purpose and program. 3022. Definitions. 3023. Authorization of appropriations; uses of funds. 3024. Allotment to States. 3025. Designation of State agencies. 3026. Area plans. 3027. State plans. 3028. Cost of administration of State plans. 3029. Payments of grants or contracts. 3030. Disaster relief reimbursements. 3030a. Nutrition services incentive program. 3030b. Recapture of payments made for multipurpose senior centers. 3030c. Audit; request for information. 3030c–1. Rights relating to in-home services for frail older individuals. 3030c–2. Consumer contributions. 3030c–3. Waivers.
Part B—Supportive Services

3030d. Grants for supportive services.
Part C—Nutrition Services

3030d–21. Purposes.
subpart i—congregate nutrition services

3030e. Grants for establishment and operation of nutrition projects.
subpart ii—home delivered nutrition services

3030f. Program authorized. 3030g. Criteria.
subpart iii—general provisions

3030g–21. Nutrition. 3030g–22. Payment requirement.
Part D—Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services

3030m. Program authorized. 3030n. Distribution to area agencies on aging.
Part E—National Family Caregiver Support Program

subpart i—caregiver support program

3030s. Definitions. 3030s–1. Program authorized. 3030s–2. Maintenance of effort.
subpart ii—national innovation programs

Part A—Grant Programs

3032. Program authorized. 3032a. Career preparation for the field of aging. 3032b. Older individuals’ protection from violence projects. 3032c. Health care service demonstration projects in rural areas. 3032d. Computer training. 3032e. Technical assistance and innovation to improve transportation for older individuals. 3032f. Demonstration, support, and research projects for multigenerational and civic engagement activities. 3032g. Native American programs. 3032h. Multidisciplinary centers and multidisciplinary systems. 3032i. Demonstration and support projects for legal assistance for older individuals. 3032j. Ombudsman and advocacy demonstration projects. 3032k. Community innovations for aging in place.
Part B—General Provisions

3033. Payment of grants. 3033a. Responsibilities of Assistant Secretary. SUBCHAPTER V—MULTIPURPOSE SENIOR CENTERS
Part A—Acquisition, Alteration, or Renovation of Multipurpose Senior Centers

3041 to 3041f. Repealed.
Part B—Initial Staffing of Multipurpose Senior Centers

3042. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VI—NATIONAL OLDER AMERICANS VOLUNTEER PROGRAM 3044 to 3044e. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VII—NUTRITION PROGRAM FOR THE ELDERLY 3045 to 3045i. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VIII—GENERAL PROVISIONS 3051 to 3055. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER IX—COMMUNITY SERVICE SENIOR OPPORTUNITIES 3056. Older American community service employment program. 3056a. Administration. 3056b. Participants not Federal employees. 3056c. Interagency cooperation. 3056d. Distribution of assistance. 3056e. Equitable distribution. 3056f. Report. 3056g. Employment assistance and Federal housing and supplemental nutrition assistance programs. 3056h. Eligibility for workforce investment activities. 3056i. Coordination with the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. 3056j. Treatment of assistance. 3056k. Performance. 3056l. Competitive requirements relating to grant awards. 3056m. Report on service to minority individuals. 3056n. Sense of Congress. 3056o. Authorization of appropriations. 3056p. Definitions and rule. SUBCHAPTER X—GRANTS FOR NATIVE AMERICANS 3057. Statement of purpose. 3057a. Sense of Congress.
Part A—Indian Program

3057b. Findings. 3057c. Eligibility. 3057d. Grants authorized. 3057e. Applications. 3057e–1. Distribution of funds among tribal organizations. 3057f. Surplus educational facilities.
Part B—Native Hawaiian Program

3057g. Findings. 3057h. Eligibility. 3057i. Grants authorized. 3057j. Application. 3057j–1. Distribution of funds among organizations. 3057k. “Native Hawaiian” defined.
Part C—Native American Caregiver Support Program

3057k–11. Program.
Part D—General Provisions

3057l. Administration. 3057m. Payments. 3057n. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XI—ALLOTMENTS FOR VULNERABLE ELDER RIGHTS PROTECTION ACTIVITIES
Part A—State Provisions

subpart i—general state provisions

3058. Establishment. 3058a. Authorization of appropriations. 3058b. Allotment. 3058c. Organization. 3058d. Additional State plan requirements. 3058e. Demonstration projects.
subpart ii—ombudsman programs

3058f. Definitions. 3058g. State Long-Term Care Ombudsman program. 3058h. Regulations.
subpart iii—programs for prevention of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation

3058i. Prevention of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
subpart iv—state legal assistance development program

3058j. State legal assistance development.
subpart v—outreach, counseling, and assistance program

3058k. Repealed.
Part B—Native American Organization and Elder Justice Provisions

3058aa. Native American program. 3058aa–1. Grants to promote comprehensive State elder justice systems.
Part C—General Provisions

3058bb. Definitions. 3058cc. Administration. 3058dd. Technical assistance. 3058ee. Audits. 3058ff. Rule of construction.


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