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42 U.S. Code Part P - Additional Programs

  1. § 280g. Children’s asthma treatment grants program
  2. § 280g–1. Early detection, diagnosis, and treatment regarding deaf and hard-of-hearing newborns, infants, and young children
  3. § 280g–2. Childhood malignancies
  4. § 280g–3. Prescription drug monitoring program
  5. § 280g–4. Grants to strengthen the healthcare system’s response to domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking
  6. § 280g–4a. Understanding sexual assault care in health systems
  7. § 280g–4b. Expanding access to unified care
  8. § 280g–4c. Expanding access to forensics for victims of interpersonal violence
  9. § 280g–5. Public and health care provider education and support services
  10. § 280g–6. Chronic kidney disease initiatives
  11. § 280g–7. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis registry
  12. § 280g–7a. Surveillance of neurological diseases
  13. § 280g–7b. HHS public-private partnership for rare neurodegenerative diseases
  14. § 280g–8. Support for patients receiving a positive diagnosis of Down syndrome or other prenatally or postnatally diagnosed conditions
  15. § 280g–9. Programs to improve quality of life for persons with paralysis and other physical disabilities
  16. § 280g–10. Community Preventive Services Task Force
  17. § 280g–11. Awards to support community health workers and community health
  18. § 280g–12. Primary Care Extension Program
  19. § 280g–13. National congenital heart disease research, surveillance, and awareness
  20. § 280g–14. National diabetes prevention program
  21. § 280g–15. State demonstration programs to evaluate alternatives to current medical tort litigation
  22. § 280g–16. Food Safety Integrated Centers of Excellence
  23. § 280g–17. Designation and investigation of potential cancer clusters
  24. § 280g–18. Maternal mental health hotline