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43 U.S. Code § 315m - Lease of isolated or disconnected tracts for grazing; preferences

The Secretary of the Interior is further authorized, in his discretion, where vacant, unappropriated, and unreserved lands of the public domain are so situated as not to justify their inclusion in any grazing district to be established pursuant to this subchapter, to lease any such lands for grazing purposes, upon such terms and conditions as the Secretary may prescribe: Provided, That preference shall be given to owners, homesteaders, lessees, or other lawful occupants of contiguous lands to the extent necessary to permit proper use of such contiguous lands, except, that when such isolated or disconnected tracts embrace seven hundred and sixty acres or less, the owners, homesteaders, lessees, or other lawful occupants of lands contiguous thereto or cornering thereon shall have a preference right to lease the whole of such tract, during a period of ninety days after such tract is offered for lease, upon the terms and conditions prescribed by the Secretary: Provided further, That when public lands are restored from a withdrawal, the Secretary may grant an appropriate preference right for a grazing lease, license, or permit to users of the land for grazing purposes under authority of the agency which had jurisdiction over the lands immediately prior to the time of their restoration.

(June 28, 1934, ch. 865, § 15, 48 Stat. 1275; June 26, 1936, ch. 842, title I, § 5, 49 Stat. 1978; May 28, 1954, ch. 243, § 1, 68 Stat. 151.)
Editorial Notes

1954—Act May 28, 1954, inserted proviso authorizing Secretary to grant a preference right to users of withdrawn public lands for grazing purposes when lands are restored from withdrawal.

1936—Act June 26, 1936, inserted first proviso.