43 U.S. Code § 315q - Withdrawal of lands for war or national defense purposes; payment for cancellation of permits or licenses

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Whenever use for war or national defense purposes of the public domain or other property owned by or under the control of the United States prevents its use for grazing, persons holding grazing permits or licenses and persons whose grazing permits or licenses have been or will be canceled because of such use shall be paid out of the funds appropriated or allocated for such project such amounts as the head of the department or agency so using the lands shall determine to be fair and reasonable for the losses suffered by such persons as a result of the use of such lands for war or national defense purposes. Such payments shall be deemed payment in full for such losses. Nothing contained in this section shall be construed to create any liability not now existing against the United States.

(July 9, 1942, ch. 500, 56 Stat. 654; May 28, 1948, ch. 353, § 1, 62 Stat. 277.)
Editorial Notes

Section was not enacted as a part of act June 28, 1934, known as the Taylor Grazing Act, which comprises this subchapter.


1948—Act May 28, 1948, inserted “or national defense” between “war” and “purposes” wherever appearing.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date of 1948 Amendment

Act May 28, 1948, ch. 353, § 2, 62 Stat. 277, provided that:

“This amendment [amending this section] is to take effect as of July 25, 1947.”
Termination of War and Emergencies

Joint Res. July 25, 1947, ch. 327, § 3, 61 Stat. 451, provided that in the interpretation of this section, the date July 25, 1947, shall be deemed to be the date of termination of any state of war theretofore declared by Congress and of the national emergencies proclaimed by the President on September 8, 1939, and May 27, 1941.

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