43 U.S. Code § 945 - Reservation in patents of right of way for ditches or canals

In all patents for lands taken up after August 30, 1890, under any of the land laws of the United States or on entries or claims validated by this Act, west of the one hundredth meridian, it shall be expressed that there is reserved from the lands in said patent described a right of way thereon for ditches or canals constructed by the authority of the United States.

(Aug. 30, 1890, ch. 837, § 1, 26 Stat. 391.)
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The land laws of the United States, referred to in text, are classified generally to this title.

This Act, referred to in text, is act Aug. 30, 1890, ch. 837, 26 Stat. 371, which enacted sections 212 and 945 of this title, section 861a of former Title 10, The Army, section 446 of Title 16, Conservation, sections 497, 601, and 651 of former Title 31, Money and Finance, section 887 of Title 33, Navigation and Navigable Waters, section 120 of former Title 40, Public Buildings, Property, and Works, and amended sections 321 and 662 of this title. For complete classification of this Act to the Code, see Tables.

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