1. § 411. Surveys for, location, and construction of irrigation works generally
  2. § 411a. Repealed. Feb. 28, 1929, ch. 374, § 2, 45 Stat. 1406
  3. § 411a–1. Authorization of appropriations for investigations of feasibility of reclamation projects
  4. § 411b. Employment of engineers, geologists, appraisers and economists for reclamation consultation work; compensation; retired Army and Navy officers as consulting engineers
  5. § 412. Prerequisites to initiation of project or division of project
  6. § 413. Approval of project by President
  7. § 414. Appropriation for projects essential
  8. § 415. Receipts applicable to project generally
  9. § 416. Laws applicable to withdrawn lands; restoration to entry
  10. § 417. Reservation of easements in public lands for reclamation projects
  11. § 418. Private lands within project; agreement as to disposal of excess over farm unit
  12. § 419. Contract for irrigation project; notice as to lands irrigable, unit of entry, and construction charges
  13. § 420. Use of earth, timber, etc., from other public lands
  14. § 421. Acquisition of lands for irrigation project; eminent domain
  15. § 421a. Construction of distribution and drainage systems by irrigation districts or public agencies
  16. § 421b. Loans for construction of distribution and drainage systems; repayment contract; time period for repayment of loan; “irrigation district or other public agency” defined
  17. § 421c. Conditions of loan for distribution and drainage systems; reconveyance by Secretary of lands, interests in lands, and distribution works heretofore conveyed to the United States; conditions of reconveyance; rights of way
  18. § 421d. Effect on existing laws
  19. § 421e. Municipal and industrial water supply delivery and distribution; allocation of loan funds; loan repayment contract requirements; rate of interest
  20. § 421f. Existing loan contracts; negotiation by Secretary of amendments
  21. § 421g. Existing rights unaffected
  22. § 421h. Procedural and substantive requirements applicable to works financed by loans pursuant to sections 421a to 421h of this title
  23. § 422. Construction of dams across Yellowstone River