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  1. § 423. Permanently unproductive lands; exclusion from project; disposition of water right
  2. § 423a. Construction charges on permanently unproductive lands already paid; disposition
  3. § 423b. Suspension of payment of construction charges against areas temporarily unproductive
  4. § 423c. Exchange of unpatented entries; entries, farms or private lands, eliminated from project; rights not assignable; rights of lienholders; preference to ex-service men
  5. § 423d. Amendment of existing water right contracts by Secretary of the Interior
  6. § 423e. Completion of new projects or new division; execution of contract with district as condition precedent to delivery of water; contents of contract; cooperation of States with United States; limitations on sale of land
  7. § 423f. Purpose of sections 423 to 423g and 610
  8. § 423g. Adjustment of water right charges as final adjudication on projects and divisions named
  9. § 423h. Delivery of water to excess lands upon death of spouse
  10. § 424. Disposal of lands classified as temporarily or permanently unproductive; persons who may take
  11. § 424a. Sale of unproductive lands; terms; area purchasable; tracts included
  12. § 424b. Application of certain statutes to lands sold
  13. § 424c. Issuance of patents; recitals in patents; reservations
  14. § 424d. Use of moneys collected from sales, project construction charges and water rentals respecting unproductive lands
  15. § 424e. Authority of Secretary of the Interior; rules and regulations
  16. § 425. Exemption of lands owned by States, etc., from acreage limitation on receipt of irrigation benefits; determination of exempt status
  17. § 425a. Eligibility of transferred lands owned by States, etc., for receipt of water from a Federal reclamation project, division, or unit; conditions of eligibility; purchase price
  18. § 425b. Receipt of project water by lessees of irrigable lands owned by States, etc.; time limitation; applicability of acreage limitations