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  1. § 617. Colorado River Basin; protection and development; dam, reservoir, and incidental works; water, water power, and electrical energy; eminent domain
  2. § 617a. “Colorado River Dam Fund”
  3. § 617b. Authorization of appropriations
  4. § 617c. Condition precedent to taking effect of provisions
  5. § 617d. Contracts for storage and use of waters for irrigation and domestic purposes; generation and sale of electrical energy
  6. § 617e. Uses to be made of dam and reservoir; title in whom; leases, regulations; limitation on authority
  7. § 617f. Canals and appurtenant structures; transfer of title; power development
  8. § 617g. Colorado River compact as controlling authority in construction and maintenance of dam, reservoir, canals, and other works
  9. § 617h. Lands capable of irrigation and reclamation by irrigation works; public entry; preferences
  10. § 617i. Modification of existing compact relating to Laguna Dam
  11. § 617j. Omitted
  12. § 617k. Definitions
  13. § 617l. Colorado River compact approval
  14. § 617m. Reclamation law applicable
  15. § 617n. Projects for irrigation, generation of electric power, and other purposes; investigations and reports
  16. § 617o. Officials of ratifying States; authority to act in advisory capacity; access to records
  17. § 617p. Claims of United States; priority
  18. § 617q. Effect on authority of States to control waters within own borders
  19. § 617r. Consent given States to negotiate supplemental compacts for development of Colorado River
  20. § 617s. Recognition of rights of Mexico to Colorado River waters
  21. § 617t. Short title
  22. § 617u. Lease of reserved lands in Boulder City, Nevada; disposition of revenues
  23. § 617v. Repealed. Pub. L. 85–900, § 17, Sept. 2, 1958, 72 Stat. 1735
Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Consolidation of Certain Projects; Effect on This Subchapter

Consolidation of Parker and Davis Dam projects as not affecting this subchapter, see note preceding this subchapter.

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