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45 U.S. Code § 356 - Returns of compensation; conclusiveness; failure to make

Employers shall file with the Board, in such manner and at such times as the Board by regulations may prescribe, returns of compensation of employees, and, if the Board shall so require, shall distribute to employees annual statements of compensation: Provided, That no returns shall be required of employers which would duplicate information contained in similar returns required under any other Act of Congress administered by the Board. The Board’s record of the compensation so returned shall, for the purpose of determining eligibility for and the amount of benefits, be conclusive as to the amount of compensation paid to an employee during the period covered by the return, and the fact that the Board’s records show that no return was made of the compensation claimed to have been paid to an employee during a particular period shall, for the purposes of determining eligibility for and the amount of benefits, be taken as conclusive that no compensation was paid to such employee during that period, unless the error in the amount of compensation in the one case, or failure to make or record return of the compensation in the other case, is called to the attention of the Board within eighteen months after the date on which the last return covering any portion of the calendar year which includes such period is required to have been made.

(June 25, 1938, ch. 680, § 6, 52 Stat. 1101; June 20, 1939, ch. 227, § 12, 53 Stat. 847; Oct. 10, 1940, ch. 842, § 21, 54 Stat. 1099; July 31, 1946, ch. 709, § 317, 60 Stat. 739; Pub. L. 89–700, title II, § 203, Oct. 30, 1966, 80 Stat. 1087.)
Editorial Notes

1966—Pub. L. 89–700 struck out provisions which required returns of compensation of employees to be under oath.

1946—Act July 31, 1946, changed references to compensation earned by an employee to refer to compensation paid to an employee.

1940—Act Oct. 10, 1940, inserted provisions relating to conclusiveness of returns for purpose of determining eligibility for and amount of benefits, and struck out requirements that returns relate to monthly compensation and that distributed statements of compensation be prepared by Board.

1939—Act June 20, 1939, struck out requirement that return shall be in form required by Board, inserted proviso relating to return containing duplicative information, and substituted provisions relating to conclusiveness of returns not questioned within eighteen months after last return is filed, for provisions relating to conclusiveness of returns not questioned within four years after last date on which return was required to be made.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date of 1946 Amendment

Amendment by act July 31, 1946, effective July 31, 1946, see section 401 of act July 31, 1946.

Effective Date of 1940 Amendment

For effective date of amendment by act Oct. 10, 1940, see section 1 of act Oct. 10, 1940, set out as a note under section 351 of this title.