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48 U.S. Code § 2127 - Budget and funding for operation of Oversight Board

(a) Submission of budget

The Oversight Board shall submit a budget for each fiscal year during which the Oversight Board is in operation, to the President, the House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources and the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, the Governor, and the Legislature.

(b) FundingThe Oversight Board shall use its powers with respect to the Territory Budget of the covered territory to ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover all expenses of the Oversight Board.
(1) Permanent funding

Within 30 days after June 30, 2016, the territorial government shall designate a dedicated funding source, not subject to subsequent legislative appropriations, sufficient to support the annual expenses of the Oversight Board as determined in the Oversight Board’s sole and exclusive discretion.

(A) Initial funding

On the date of establishment of an Oversight Board in accordance with section 2121(b) of this title and on the 5th day of each month thereafter, the Governor of the covered territory shall transfer or cause to be transferred the greater of $2,000,000 or such amount as shall be determined by the Oversight Board pursuant to subsection (a) to a new account established by the territorial government, which shall be available to and subject to the exclusive control of the Oversight Board, without any legislative appropriations of the territorial government.

(B) Termination

The initial funding requirements under subparagraph (A) shall terminate upon the territorial government designating a dedicated funding source not subject to subsequent legislative appropriations under paragraph (1).

(3) Remission of excess funds

If the Oversight Board determines in its sole discretion that any funds transferred under this subsection exceed the amounts required for the Oversight Board’s operations as established pursuant to subsection (a), any such excess funds shall be periodically remitted to the territorial government.