48 U.S. Code § 744. Coasting trade laws

The coasting trade between Puerto Rico and the United States shall be regulated in accordance with the provisions of law applicable to such trade between any two great coasting districts of the United States.

(Apr. 12, 1900, ch. 191, § 9, 31 Stat. 79; May 17, 1932, ch. 190, 47 Stat. 158.)

Additional provisions of section 9 of act Apr. 12, 1900, authorizing the making of regulations for the nationalization of all vessels owned by inhabitants of Puerto Rico on April 11, 1889, and which continued to be so owned up to the date of that nationalization and for the admission of the same to all the benefits of the coasting trade of the United States, have been omitted.

Section was not enacted as part of the Puerto Rican Federal Relations Act which comprises this chapter.

Change of Name

“Puerto Rico” substituted in text for “Porto Rico” pursuant to act May 17, 1932, which is classified to section 731a of this title.