49 U.S. Code § 10905. Offering abandoned rail properties for sale for public purposes

When the Board approves an application to abandon or discontinue under section 10903, the Board shall find whether the rail properties that are involved in the proposed abandonment or discontinuance are appropriate for use for public purposes, including highways, other forms of mass transportation, conservation, energy production or transmission, or recreation. If the Board finds that the rail properties proposed to be abandoned are appropriate for public purposes and not required for continued rail operations, the properties may be sold, leased, exchanged, or otherwise disposed of only under conditions provided in the order of the Board. The conditions may include a prohibition on any such disposal for a period of not more than 180 days after the effective date of the order, unless the properties have first been offered, on reasonable terms, for sale for public purposes.

Prior Provisions

Provisions similar to those in this section were contained in section 10906 of this title prior to the general amendment of this subtitle by Pub. L. 104–88, § 102(a).

A prior section 10905, Pub. L. 95–473, Oct. 17, 1978, 92 Stat. 1405; Pub. L. 96–448, title IV, § 402(c), Oct. 14, 1980, 94 Stat. 1942; Pub. L. 103–272, § 4(j)(26), July 5, 1994, 108 Stat. 1369, related to offers of financial assistance to avoid abandonment and discontinuance, prior to the general amendment of this subtitle by Pub. L. 104–88, § 102(a). See section 10904 of this title.

Effective Date

Section effective Jan. 1, 1996, except as otherwise provided in Pub. L. 104–88, see section 2 of Pub. L. 104–88, set out as a note under section 1301 of this title.