49 U.S. Code § 1324. Service of process in court proceedings

(a) Designation of Agent.—
A carrier providing transportation subject to the jurisdiction of the Board under subtitle IV shall designate an agent on whom service of process in an action before a district court may be made. Except as otherwise provided, process in an action before a district court shall be served on the designated agent of that carrier at the office or usual place of residence of that agent. If the carrier does not have a designated agent, service may be made by posting the notice in the office of the Board.
(b) Changing Designation.—
A designation under this section may be changed at any time in the same manner as originally made.
(Added Pub. L. 104–88, title II, § 201(a), Dec. 29, 1995, 109 Stat. 937, § 724; renumbered § 1324 and amended Pub. L. 114–110, §§ 3(a)(5), 8(b), Dec. 18, 2015, 129 Stat. 2228, 2232.)

2015—Pub. L. 114–110, § 3(a)(3), renumbered section 724 of this title as this section.

Subsec. (a). Pub. L. 114–110, § 8(b), struck out “in the District of Columbia” after “designate an agent” and “usual place of residence”.