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49 U.S. Code § 30129 - Crash avoidance technology

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(a) In General.—The Secretary of Transportation shall promulgate a rule—
to establish minimum performance standards with respect to crash avoidance technology; and
(2) to require that all passenger motor vehicles manufactured for sale in the United States on or after the compliance date described in subsection (b) shall be equipped with—
(A) a forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking system that—
(i) alerts the driver if—
the distance to a vehicle ahead or an object in the path of travel ahead is closing too quickly; and
a collision is imminent; and
automatically applies the brakes if the driver fails to do so; and
(B) a lane departure warning and lane-keeping assist system that—
warns the driver to maintain the lane of travel; and
corrects the course of travel if the driver fails to do so.
(b) Compliance Date.—
The Secretary of Transportation shall determine the appropriate effective date, and any phasing-in of requirements, of the final rule promulgated pursuant to subsection (a).