49 U.S. Code § 30162. Petitions by interested persons for standards and enforcement

(a) Filing.—Any interested person may file a petition with the Secretary of Transportation requesting the Secretary to begin a proceeding—
to prescribe a motor vehicle safety standard under this chapter; or
to decide whether to issue an order under section 30118(b) of this title.
(b) Statement of Facts.—
The petition must state facts that the person claims establish that a motor vehicle safety standard or order referred to in subsection (a) of this section is necessary and briefly describe the order the Secretary should issue.
(c) Proceedings.—
The Secretary may hold a public hearing or conduct an investigation or proceeding to decide whether to grant the petition.
(d) Actions of Secretary.—
The Secretary shall grant or deny a petition not later than 120 days after the petition is filed. If a petition is granted, the Secretary shall begin the proceeding promptly. If a petition is denied, the Secretary shall publish the reasons for the denial in the Federal Register.

Historical and Revision Notes



Source (U.S. Code)

Source (Statutes at Large)



Sept. 9, 1966, Pub. L. 89–563, 80 Stat. 718, § 124(a)–(d); added Oct. 27, 1974, Pub. L. 93–492, § 106, 88 Stat. 1481.







Subsection (a)(1) is substituted for “the issuance of an order pursuant to section 1392 of this title” for clarity and because of the restatement.

In subsection (b), the words “a motor vehicle safety standard” are added because of the restatement. The words “referred to in subsection (a) of this section” are added for clarity. The words “of the substance” are omitted as surplus.

In subsection (c), the words “as he deems appropriate in order” and “or not” are omitted as surplus.

In subsection (d), the words “described in subsection (b) of this section”, “either”, and “requested in the petition” are omitted as surplus.